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Racist, Sexist Boy

Tomorrow will be a year since I wrote the first of my weekly anti-racist posts. It was my reaction to the murder of George Floyd, and a barely controlled rant. Since then, I’ve tried to be more constructive by sharing resources and collecting them in this Wakelet.

I wish I had the talent and tenacity of this young group, the Linda Lindas, who wrote and performed this song in response to a boy’s cruel comment to Mila, the drummer. My favorite line is, “We rebuild what you destroy.”

You can see the entire concert performed by the Linda Lindas, courtesy of the LA Public Library, here. And you can find out more about this talented group of young women in this article from Pitchfork.

As we close out AAPI Heritage Month, let’s all do what we can to support the creativity of the Linda Lindas and children around the world by inspiring them instead of dealing out insults and injuries.

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