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Creative Thinking, K-12

Save the Date!

My good friend and colleague, Donna Lasher, has a wonderful website I’ve spoken about before on this blog, Big Ideas for Little Scholars. In addition, she has a Facebook Group that does book studies and exchanges resources. She has invited me to speak with the members of the group this month in a Facebook Room about Design Thinking. This will be a live Q&A period on June 14th when you can ask (and I can hopefully answer!) questions about using Design Thinking in various environments — GT pull-out as well as regular classrooms from K-12. We would love for you to join us for this event, and participants will also receive a handout of resources following the session. Whether you would like to attend the session, or just be part of an ongoing wonderful group, here is the link to the private group. The date and a few more details are below. Also, if you are interested in having me speak to your school, district, or other group, feel free to contact me at

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