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Gifts for the Gifted — Notable Mentions

Several years ago, I thought I would help out the parents of my gifted and talented students by writing about some games, toys, or books that I thought might make good purchases during the holiday season.  I called the series of posts, “Gifts for the Gifted,” and I have continued to do it annually (except for 2019) on every November and December.  These gifts are suggestions for any child – not just those who qualify for a GT program. Sometimes I receive a free product for review, but I am not paid for these posts, and I never recommend a product that I wouldn’t buy for my own child.  For past “Gifts for the Gifted” posts, including my 2021 list, you can visit this page. I also have a Pinterest Board of Games and Toys for Gifted Students. 

There were quite a few products I bookmarked this year that I have not had a chance to review. There’s no reason to keep them a secret; I just don’t want you to be under the impression that I’ve tried them and I am recommending them. In the interest of giving you enough time to purchase them if you do intend to receive them by the 25th, I thought I would share that list with you. Here you go:

  • Storytime Chess – A 2021 People’s Choice Toy of the Year Award Winner, this one is pricey, but seems to have a lot of great reviews. It’s currently on sale on their website ($49.99)
  • Mason’s Planets Handmade Sidewalk Chalk, A Benefit for Autism Research – $42 may seem like a lot for sidewalk chalk, but the pieces are gorgeous and I love that $2 from every sale goes to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Autism Research.
  • Parchie Watch – These $50 analog watches are designed for kids 6+, and can be worn while swimming. Order by Dec. 12 to get it by the 24th.
  • Van Gogh Masking Tape – These are sadly out-of-stock, but something you may want to keep in mind for future gifts. Browse the Kawaii Pen Shop site for all kinds of adorable washi tapes, pens, and other accessories.
  • One in a Chameleon – This is a visual/spatial puzzle for ages 8+ that can be played as a solitaire game or in small groups. Only $14.99.
  • The Adventure Challenge: Family Edition – I actually bought the “Friends” edition for my college-age daughter. These books have scratch-off challenges that you can do, and leave space to put pictures of you completing the challenge. Perfect if you have an Instax or similar camera or photo printer. (You can also bundle in a camera with your order if you want.) The Family Edition is ideally for families of 4-8 members with kids in the 4-15 age range. $44.99
  • Parks Board Game – I wouldn’t want this in the classroom because it probably takes awhile to play and has lots of pieces. It looks like a great game for a family that loves board games and the outdoors. With beautifully illustrated cards and sustainable wooden pieces, I can see that it would be a joy to play, and apparently many critics agree as it has won quite a few awards. At $49.00, it’s an investment but has potential for endless hours of fun.

If you happen to have any of the above, I would love to hear what you think of it. Either email me at or comment below!

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