Genius Hour: The Quest Begins

Man, how do people publish a bazillion of these online courses? It takes me all month to make just one, and it’s not like I don’t have all of the resources. Plus, the host website is all like, “Don’t underprice your course because you’ll actually lose money. A good course price is about $150” and I’m like, “You realize I’m offering these to teachers, right? You know, the people who already spend an arm and a leg every year buying luxuries like tissues and pencils for their classrooms?” I’m beginning to feel just like I used to during my 29 years of teaching, which is to say that I spend every night asking myself, “What was I thinking?” so, in some strange way, I actually enjoy making these courses as it seems my brain pretty much prefers chaos, unpredictability, and working on projects that promise next to zero return on investment.

This is my odd way of announcing that I have a new course available, a follow-up to An Introduction to Genius Hour. The new one is “Genius Hour: The Quest Begins,” which you may have guessed from the title of this post. I’m about to break another business rule by telling you not to buy it yet if you didn’t take the first one when it was free. That’s because there’s a thing called “Price Bumps” on the site that I thought I figured out, but sadly was wrong. The idea is to help you save money when you purchase both courses, so that you could get both for $40 total instead of $58, but somehow I misread the directions and the site wanted to give you both courses for $11 (one course is $29) instead of charging you $29 for the first and $11 for the second. That will take me another 24 hours to figure out, so I’m sure you are now beginning to understand why it takes me so long to get these courses out to the world.

Plus dogs.

Dogs who bark during recording, flap their ears constantly to get my attention, start marching around the house with unmentionables (also for attention, I assume), and leap behind me on the chair when the garbage truck turns the corner.

Back to the course.

This second course will help you communicate with stakeholders about Genius Hour, get your students psyched for the project, brainstorm billions of topic ideas, and then narrow those ideas down to just one amazing idea. That last one is a gift, trust me.

You can see both courses on this page. I’ll try to have the price bump thing straightened out by Thursday, just in case you are in some kind of incredible rush to get Continuing Education hours and my course are your last chance on Earth. Be sure to get your courses soon because the prices will probably go up to a kajillion dollars each once my husband figures out I’m currently operating at a net loss.

Oh, and in case you want to get on the list to receive more scintillating notifications from me about new courses and Great Danes who Are the Worst Work from Home Dogs Ever, you can add your name below. Don’t worry; I won’t sell your information to anyone. Because that would make good business sense, which I clearly don’t have 🙂

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