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A Tribute to Maker Dads Everywhere

In honor of the National Week of Making and the upcoming Fathers’ Day celebration here in the States, I collected a few videos related to Maker Dads for this week’s Phun Phriday post.

Check out this link to a video showing Dads who got together to make a “Wipeout” course for their kids on their street.

Dads Make Kids Wipeout Course

I just discovered this adorable series of videos from DIY Dad.  You can click on this link to learn how to make fake snow with your kids.


And be sure to show all of the great Maker Dads in your life this great video from Wonder Workshop!

Wonder Workshop Father's Day

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“Make” a Father’s Day Card That Lights Up His Day

As this is a “National Week of Making” in the U.S., it seems only appropriate that makers around the country should spend some time on making cool gifts and cards for Fathers’ Day on June 21st.

I saw a tweet earlier today from @Makerspaces_com that shared a link to this Instructables page with gift ideas.  As not all of the projects are appropriate for elementary-aged kids, I  sought out something that would be a bit less labor intensive than building your own barbecue barrel.

I saw these instructions for a Light Up LED Card, which reminded me of the ones our Maker Club did in May.  I didn’t get a chance on that post to show some of the variations that the students did after learning the basics of the “Everything is Awesome” card.  Here are a couple of student originated versions:

Clown Circuit Fathers Day Card Minecraft Fathers Day Card

Hopefully the students remembered to keep the circuits open so their batteries don’t run out before Fathers’ Day!

You can find more fun projects and resources for any time of the year here.