Stick Pick


Stick Pick is an iPhone/iPad app with great potential as a teacher tool. The teacher can add one or more classes within the app. To each class, the teacher adds individual student names, determining the type and level of questioning to use for each student from the following categories: Bloom’s Taxonomy, Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, or ESL. Once all students are entered, their sticks appear in a cup from which the teacher can randomly or purposefully choose names. As each student is chosen, a list of question stems from their particular assigned level appears on the screen. This is a wonderful way for teachers to customize impromptu questions based on ability.

2 thoughts on “Stick Pick”

  1. Hi Theresa,
    Thank you for sharing my app with your readers. I’m looking forward to learning from you as I attempt to engage my own learners here in southern California. It’s nice to know I’m not alone and surrounded with such intelligent and resourceful teachers from around the Net willing to share best practices. Keep up the good work!


    -Buzz Garwood
    Sixth grade teacher
    Stick Pick App

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