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Record mp3

Record mp3 is a simple site that allows you to make an audio recording.  It then allows you to save the audio recording on the web, and assigns it a unique URL.  One way that I can see this being used in the classroom is for multimedia QR code activities.  If you are interested in trying an interactive QR code bulletin board, like the one here, then Record mp3 can save you the extra step of uploading a recording to the web (and finding a place to host it).  Once Record mp3 gives you the URL for the recording, all you have to do is go to Kaywa or QR Hacker or one of the other QR code sites, paste the URL, and create your QR code for the recording.  For other QR code suggestions (that include some free printables) on this blog, select “QR Codes” from the categories on the right.

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