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Isopod: The Roly Poly Science Game

If you are like my daughter (9) (and , to be honest, me), then you went through a stage of fascination with “roly poly” creatures, also known as “pill bugs”.  Isopod, a new, educational iPad game banks on that curiosity and takes advantage of one of the unique aspects of iPads – the accelerometer.  Players of Isopod are given instructions to try to roll the isopods into other creatures and avoid ones that will decrease their “health.”  While playing, the user can learn about different creatures in that environment.  I played it for 5 minutes, and I was hooked.  I could see students 8 and up really getting value from this game.

There is a free “lite” version of the game, as well as a full version and a teacher version.  The game description on iTunes gives the details about each version.  I highly recommend, though, that you also visit the website at http://www.xylemandphloem.net.  There, you will learn about the extensive features of this game, which include a downloadable curriculum with loads of activities for students and a Pinterest link to related pictures and videos that support this game.

Although I dislike the idea of having to pay for the teacher version, I am very impressed with the supporting resources that Xylem and Phloem offers for free along with Isopod.  Unlike many of the apps labeled “Education” on iTunes, Isopod is one app that truly delivers for that category.

2 thoughts on “Isopod: The Roly Poly Science Game”

  1. It’s really nice to see what I think is the first review of Isopod! I wanted to say, my original intention was to give the “Teacher’s Version” away for free, but I could not figure out how, other than signing on with Apple for “educational discounts” plan hoping that schools would contact me, and then I’d be able to at least distribute some codes. So plan “B” was to make the Teacher’s Version slightly more expensive, and in doing that, insuring most users would experience the game locked, as it was meant to unfold. If you have a recommendation or have some experience with this, please let me know. My first choice is still that every teacher with an ipad gets a comp copy! Thank you, Mike Parisi

    1. I am just really impressed with how many resources that you are offering for free! The Pinterest site is a truly great idea. I hope that you have plans for more games to come soon!

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