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Myths About Gifted Students

photo credit: ACPL via photopin cc
photo credit: ACPL via photopin cc

I ran across the article, “My view: Ten myths about gifted students and programs for gifted,” by Carolyn Coil that was posted in the CNN “Schools of Thought” section.  As a teacher of gifted students, myths 5 and 7 hit very close to home.  In fact, I have heard all of these statements at least once during my 23 years of teaching.  I’m not sure this article would change the mind of any one who is not in the “choir” to which Mrs. Coil is preaching, but it is good to see my own beliefs about gifted students summarized so succinctly.

2 thoughts on “Myths About Gifted Students”

  1. Interesting read-I definitely agree with most of those as well. Number 3 strikes a chord in particular since I do teach a GT class in early childhood. I definitely think if you start those kids off with a challenge, they can really grow more creatively and academically. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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