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National Geographic Families

from "Family Treasure Hunting"
from “Family Treasure Hunting”

This week, I am focusing on providing resources to “Squash the Summer Slide” as ReadWriteThink puts it. Parents often ask me at this time of year for ideas to keep students challenged over the summer.  National Geographic Families has some links that might be of particular interest during the next three months.

Try out the geography games from National Geographic here

Geographic Groceries puts a new twist on what can be a humdrum chore.

Here’s a neat Meerkat Survival game that a family or group of kids could play.

Though it’s not from National Geographic, GeoGuessr is an interesting detective game using Google Street View.  You must try to derive the correct location by looking for clues in the photos.

If you are feeling very adventurous, then your family should try geocaching.  You can visit “Family Treasure Hunting” to learn more about this fun and educational activity.

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