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Game Day!

Screen shot from GamePress
Screen shot from GamePress app for iPad

Depending on your perspective, today’s post title may elicit different pictures.  For those of you interested in sports, I am sorry to say that this has very little to do with football – at least not directly.  However, the beauty of these resources is that you can make the theme of your game whatever you like!

It’s Fun Friday, and what is more fun than games? The problem with store-bought games is that they often don’t live up to your expectations, or don’t appeal to everyone interested in playing them.  So, why not make your own?

A little while ago, I mentioned GameKit, a site that focuses on giving you “game development challenges.”

Yesterday, I discovered a (currently) free app called GamePress, which allows you to design your own games on the iPad.  You can customize them in many different ways.  It reminds me a bit of Gamestar Mechanic.

And, if you like the traditional board games, but have an idea for your own, here is a contest for Young Game Inventors to design their own board game!  The contest is open to children from ages 5-12, and ends on October 1st.  To get more information, click on this link.

Also, if you like the idea of making your own game, be sure to visit my Pinterest board that has tons of resources for Programming for Kids.  Or, if you prefer to just play challenging games, you might be interested in my board of Games and Toys for Gifted Kids.

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