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This Product has heARt!

This post is related to using Augmented Reality in the classroom.  If you are new to this, be sure to tune in to the “Two Guys Show” tomorrow, Tuesday, September 17th, at 9 PM EST as they discuss “AR 101.”  Drew and Brad have tons of AR resources on their site, “Two Guys and Some iPads,” if you are interested in just jumping in to the AR world.  Also, you can click here for my Flipboard Magazine on “Augmented Reality in Education.”

I have one more week before I start teaching again (as a Gifted and Talented teacher for our district, I have been testing the last three weeks).  I’m not sure this school year is going to be able to fit all of the ideas I’ve generated this summer and during my test monitoring sessions!

Augmented Reality is definitely going to be used a lot in my classroom this year, and I wanted to come up with a way for students and parents to identify items that can be scanned to deepen their experiences.  I mean, I plan to use AR quite a bit – but not on everything!  I don’t want kids dumping a bunch of papers on the kitchen table for parents to sift through, and then a parent misses a potential extension to a product that has been brought home.  Also, I don’t want people walking past a bulletin board without knowing its interactive capabilities.

So, I designed a logo (using the TypeDrawing app) to put on anything that incorporates Augmented Reality.  It says, “This product has heARt”  – the “heARt” standing for “handiwork enhanced by Augmented Reality technology.”

I will either add the logo to sheets that we plan to use for an AR project or affix small stickers that I have printed out with the logo.

I think it’s clear from the example that I am definitely not a graphic designer.  Feel free to borrow or improve upon this concept 🙂

I have included links to two graphics (one with just the heart, and one with the acronym explanation).

You can also download this example of the parent letter that I intend to send home.  For another parent letter example, as well as more tutorials and examples, visit this post from Erin Klein.

Parent Letter



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