I’d Be Thankful for a Lizard Named CheeseDoodle, Too

Screen shot from 3 Leaders Episode #1
Screen shot from 3 Leaders Episode #1

So, this is a perfect example of the power of being connected.  The other day, I saw a tweet from Principal Brad Gustafson in Minnesota (@GustafsonBrad – check out his great interview on The Two Guys Show!) about a video showing kids being thankful.  I clicked on the link and was immediately charmed.  The kids are fabulous, and throw in a few surprises (such as the lizard named CheeseDoodle- what a cool name!).  What’s unique about this video, though, is that three schools collaborated to make it.  The project is a combined effort from Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey.  I think it’s great the way the students from Byram Intermediate (who collected comments from the elementary school – so I think that technically makes 4 schools), Greenwood Elementary, and Cantiague Elementary shared their gratitude.  They can see what they have in common, which is a lot, and have a conversation about some of the different things that were mentioned.

The 3 Leaders used Touchcast to create the video, and you can view the Touchcast version here.  (If you want to read more about the Touchcast app, here is a brief post I did about it in August.)

This leads me to mention something I am thankful for this year that I did not have on my list (or even on my radar) last year – my online PLN.  Without Twitter, I would not have known about this awesome video, which has already given me numerous ideas for project suggestions for my own students.  And this is only the latest in a very long list of inspirational tidbits that I have gleaned from the folks on Twitter.  I know everyone in America is busy today with your Thanksgiving preparations, so I won’t waste your time by getting all gushy and sentimental.  Just know that I appreciate all of you – readers, Tweeters, co-workers, family, friends, and students!

Thanks for sharing, Byram, Greenwood, and Cantiague!  Great job!

The 3 Leaders who connected to bring you this video
The 3 Leaders who connected to bring you this video

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