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I was in Target the other day when I overheard a child ask his parent, “Mom, is photo bombing against the law?”  That made me chuckle a bit, of course.  This video, called, “Eyebombing” made me chuckle even more.  I’m not sure if Eyebombing is against the law; I suppose it could be construed as defacing property.  But don’t you think it would make you smile to come across some googly eyes in an unexpected place?  Since this is a Phun Phriday post, I don’t technically (by my own rules) have to relate it to anything educational.  However, if you are an administrator, you might want to consider doing a bit of “Eyebombing” around your school one weekend to lighten the mood when staff and students arrive on Monday morning.  Maybe during a testing week…

Here is a link to the video in case you are unable to view it below.

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  1. Hilarious!! I hadn’t heard about this or seen it until your post here. I should have gotten prepared before my recent trip through the airport…these would have been perfect on some TSA signs. ;-). Next time I’ll be prepared.

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