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If The Moon Were Only One Pixel

Moon One Pixel

This is an amazing site that will give you the sense of the depth and breadth of our solar system – with a tinge of humor added to it.  It begins by showing the size of the moon as one pixel.  Then, by scrolling horizontally, the user can take a trip through our solar system beginning from the sun.  You not only see the relative sizes of each of the objects compared to the moon, but also the massive distances covered in space between each one.  To keep you from getting too bored with the tremendous amounts of scrolling, Josh Worth interjects witty comments every once in awhile.  This is a great way to show students the enormity of space in a way that they can understand.

For more sites like this, check out “5 Resources to Help Students Understand the Size of the Universe” from Richard Byrne.

From "If the Moon Were Only One Pixel"
From “If the Moon Were Only One Pixel”


4 thoughts on “If The Moon Were Only One Pixel”

  1. Thank you for posting this! The expanse of space boggles the mind anyway and this really illustrated in a way I’ve never seen, just how vast our universe really is.

  2. Great job, as we all can see, mostly space. Sometime add the time required to travel to the nearest star at light speed and also humanities current speed record of probes sent out so far.
    Age of Earth is a good exercise too.

  3. Wow. Just a big WOW. Thanks for finding and sharing this! Great way to spend a few minutes…much better than the centuries it would take travel with current technology..,

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