Thanksgiving Stuff

UPDATE 11/2/2020: Here is a link to over 45 Thanksgiving activities you can use in your classroom.

I’m not going to lie.  This is kind of a recycled post.  But I threw in a couple of new things to keep it “fresh.”

Last year I offered “A Cornucopia of Creative and Critical Thinking Activities for Thanksgiving.”  It’s pretty relevant still. And if you’re a new reader of this blog, then you might find some things you haven’t seen before.

Or, you could meander over to Laura Moore’s blog for some November Themed Technology lessons, which include a Thanksgiving field trip using Google Earth.

For those of you who love Kahoot, here is a Thanksgiving Trivia game that might have some facts that are surprising to you (like how many turkeys are eaten each year).

I think I’m actually doing pretty good, considering I didn’t post last year’s Thanksgiving piece until November 13th.  At least this one is early enough to get some use for a couple of weeks!

Happy Thanksgiving

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