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You Know You’ve Succeeded When…

  • You run into a student who transferred to another school, and she says, “I love it. But there’s no Mrs. Eichholz.”
  • A Kinder who rides the bus you monitor finally remembers your name after 9 weeks of school and says with a big smile, “I was up all night thinking about your name. I didn’t go to sleep until eleven!”
  • A student who isn’t even in your class runs to hug you every time she sees you  – because you once told her teacher how polite she was to hold the door open.
  • Two 2nd grade students who think they’ve finished a project but still have time left, decide to add more details instead of just sitting there.
  • “Wait – we’re adding more details, that was my goal for today!” “Mine, too! We both went above and beyond!!” And they high-five each other.
  • You fall out of your chair and say, “That darn long skirt keeps getting caught in the wheels, ” and one of your students quietly observes, “It’s not a very good growth mindset to blame something else for your mistakes, Mrs. Eichholz.”
  • You go to bed at eleven thinking about all of the students who will eventually find a way to use your own teaching against you.
  • And you’re glad.

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