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Mighty Dolls

Do you happen to have some dolls who are in drastic need of a make under? Sonia Singh, the artist behind Tree Change Dolls, found a way to give new life to dolls who might be ready for a less flashy lifestyle.  She has made several YouTube videos describing the process of removing the manufacturers’ face paint from used dolls and giving them a fresh, clean look more suitable for healthy lifestyles than for dancing in clubs.

Inspired by Singh’s creations,  Wendy Tsao decided to take the idea to another level by modeling the recycled dolls after heroic women like Jane Goodall and Malala Yousafzai.  Tsao’s “Mighty Dolls” creations will be auctioned off on eBay, but it seems like this could be a great idea to “remix” in a makerspace or at home.  With the help of Singh’s videos and guidance from an adult, a child could choose any inspirational figure to fashion as a reminder of the attributes he or she most admires.

With so many consumers begging for toys that promote creativity without demeaning women, it might be time for us to stop relying on the manufacturers, boycott the toy aisle, and start making our own dreams come true.

image from: timlauer on
image from: timlauer on

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