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OK. Seriously. How DO You Get to Sesame Street?

Today’s Phun Phriday post is a series of adorable videos in which Jimmy Fallon collaborated with the Sesame Street characters.  In this one, Jimmy and the Roots get together with the gang to sing the theme song for the show.  There’s a cool rap added in the middle to make it a bit more 21st century 🙂

screen shot from Sesame Street Hashtags
screen shot from Sesame Street Hashtags

Maybe, when you were a kid, you got very frustrated by that unanswered question, “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”  If so, you’re apparently in good company.  You can see the Sesame Street characters read a tweet about this and some other #WhenIwasaKid tweets on this next video. (By the way, #WhenIwasaKid, I totally believed that people lived inside my television set just so they could perform for me. I couldn’t understand how they all fit.)

Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb with Sesame Street Characters is my favorite video of the 3.  Jimmy and several other puppets deliberately photobomb some photos of extremely cute youngsters. The photobombs are hilarious, but the reactions of the kids once they find out are particularly priceless.

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