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Breakout Edu Digital

I have talked about Breakout Edu in other posts, most recently in this one, but I didn’t find out until today that there is a Breakout Edu Digital site.  Affiliated with the original, this site offers puzzles that are internet based, so you don’t need to have any actual locks or boxes.  As you solve the clues, you input them into a form which has spaces for virtual locks.  The form can be submitted only after you have put in all of the correct answers.

Breakout Edu Digital has difficulty ratings, but they are subjective.  I’m ashamed to say that I tried to solve the one rated a “2” before I typed this post, and failed.  I could make excuses – like that our new puppy kept trying to drag shoes out from under my desk – but that would be wrong.  Mostly because that would give you the impression that I keep a lot of shoes under my desk.  Which is not true.  At least not at the moment.  BECAUSE THE PUPPY KEEPS DRAGGING THEM TO RANDOM PLACES AROUND THE HOUSE.   Because I always arrange them neatly on the shoe rack in my closet.

I digress.

Anyway, if you are looking for some ways to keep everyone thinking the last few days, you could try out Breakout Edu Digital.  Give your students a Level 2 challenge and see how they do.

But I won’t admit their superiority unless they solve it with a puppy distracting them.

Excuse me now.  If I don’t give the puppy another shoe, she will chew the power cord.

It’s time to raid my husband’s closet…

Maybe I'm just overthinking it...
Maybe I’m just overthinking it…

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