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Group Games and Activities from ThinkFun

I am hosting an “Undercover Robots Camp” in my home starting today, and I was scouring the internet for some fun games to play when we are taking breaks from the robots.  As a big fan of ThinkFun, I was surprised to come across a part of their site I hadn’t explored.  The “Group Games and Activities” page offers free resources for playing life-size versions of some classic puzzles.  For example, you may have seen ThinkFun’s one-player game, “Hoppers.” But substitute humans on a big piece of tarp, and you can now have a multi-player game! (Kind of Harry-Potter-Wizard’s-Chess if you need a visual.) If you are looking for some different ideas for getting children active, definitely check out ThinkFun’s Group Games and Activities page!

Full Disclosure: From time to time I receive games from ThinkFun to review, but I do not receive any compensation.  

photo from Elmira College on Flickr
photo from Elmira College on Flickr


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