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How to Disagree

As we watched the Presidential Debate the other night, I thought a lot about the art of disagreement.  So many people allow emotions to control the argument when much more could be accomplished by having a civilized discussion about the facts.  As I tweeted that night, even my dog was discouraged by the evening’s event.

This Debate is Unseemly

(To be fair, he reacts that way whenever anyone dares to disturb his sleep with raised voices.)

I’m sure that it is no coincidence that Kid President recently released a video giving advice on how to politely disagree. Hopefully, some of the people who would benefit the most from watching this video will actually make the time to view it…

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  1. This is great! (OMG your dog’s face-that’s exactly how I felt watching too). I eat lunch with several teachers and on a daily basis something will come up– like should we take recess away for behavior (I don’t think so, they do) and we end up just having to agree to disagree because we never change each other’s minds. I do think it’s something I could learn to do better, it’s hard when you are passionate about something. Will share that Kid President video with my students-thanks for sharing.

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