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Chronicles of COVID-19, Part 2

Traffic is starting to pick up on our COVID-19 Diary by Kids Around the World.  I wanted to share the following entries from two friends who have been separated by miles and a pandemic, but still keep in touch.

Keep sharing out there!  As you can see, I am trying to comment on each one!

Our COVID-19 Diary from Kids Around the World (6)


Our COVID-19 Diary from Kids Around the World (7)


Our COVID-19 Diary from Kids Around the World (8)



4 thoughts on “Chronicles of COVID-19, Part 2”

  1. Hello!
    As always I soak up any idea you throw my way. My students have added to the drive, but I am not sure what I did but I do not think you can see them. Any advice as to how to fix this would be appreciated?

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! I think I may have inadvertently messed up the sharing settings, but they should be fixed now. Be sure to give students the actual link on my post – not a copy. If you make a copy, it will be a different document than the one linked, and they won’t be able to see posts from people around the world.

  2. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas! This one is especially poignant as it is one of my students that I worry about and she will be so thrilled to see your mention in this blog post!

    For some reason my district blocks the copy I made of your slides. Apparently, not everyone was blocked as hers showed up for you. I have more to add, and will so in a few days once I see the new ones have stopped coming in to it.

    This is a terrific project to help connect kids! I appreciate all of your work! Keep on doing what you so so well! Stay well, Cathie Conforti

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    1. “Poignant” is the word I was looking for when I saw the two posts from these friends. Also, please see my above comment to Suzanne as the problem you may be having might be because you made a copy of the presentation instead of just copying and pasting the link. Thank you so much for your support! Continue to stay healthy!

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