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Find That Lizard!

If you’ve got a budding herpetologist at home or in your class, I would recommend you turn them on to the #findthatlizard challenge on Twitter or Instagram. Self-proclaimed “lizard lassoer,” Earyn McGee produces this visual puzzle on Instagram and Twitter under the handle, @afro_herper. She posts pictures of various lizards in their environments with a few facts, and invites followers to find the lizard in the photo. Since these little guys are so good at camouflage, it’s often not easy. But it’s quite satisfying when you discover them! You can read about the origin story of this friendly competition here. There are also some coloring pages and even cute merch!

McGee, who hopes to host a television show about natural history one day, also has a YouTube Channel. To learn more about Earyn McGee and her important work on conservation and increasing diversity in science careers, read her bio.

And tell me if you legit found the lizard in the above Tweet – because I had to look at the thread for some hints!

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