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Intro to Genius Hour Now Live!

Okay everyone, my first course is up and it’s free (until March 1st). Intro to Genius Hour will give you a short history of Genius Hour, dispel some myths, and give you practical advice for getting started to plan your own Genius Hour. And you will get a certificate for 1 hour of Continuing Education at the end of the course (check with your CE administrator to make sure it will be accepted).

I’m going to admit that some of my videos are not as crisp as I planned. Any constructive feedback you want to give will be deeply appreciated as I am going to begin recording the next course in the series later this week. My adventures with Laryngeal Dystonia, which have resulted in periodic botox injections in my vocal cords, have made my speech somewhat unpredictable – not to mention a Great Dane whose breathing/snoring you could hear during several segments where my voice was actually decent and a Schnauzer mix who likes to walk back and forth behind me while recording. I’m definitely going to upgrade some equipment when I can!

Anyway, I hope you find the course helpful and I’ll let you know when the next one drops!

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