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Last Shot

I was preparing for a PD on Visible Thinking Routines, and came across the short animation, “Last Shot” on Alice Vigors’ website, where she cited it as an example that she used to help educators understand the Main-Side-Hidden Routine. “Last Shot” by Aemilia Widodo is another one of the incredible animations produced by students at Ringling College of Art and Design. You can certainly use it with the Main-Side-Hidden Routine, but it’s also a great short film to use to discuss multiple perspectives, empathy, conservation, or even the even deeper concept of how we tend to throw things aside that don’t fit our expectations instead of finding value in them.

Screenshot from “Last Shot” by Aemilia Widodo

There are so many ways that this little gem can be used in the classroom, so I am going to add it my Inspirational Videos for Students Pinterest Board. A couple of others that follow along those themes are “Mouse for Sale” and “The Present” (also linked on my board).

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