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Canva — Those Three Dots Aren’t Just Decoration

Canva just gets better and better as a useful creation tool that is, don’t forget, free to educators! I did a breakdown last November of some of the incredible ways that you and your students can use Canva, and I want to highlight a couple more features today. If you are anything like me, you may be in a rush when you are using technology, which means that I sometimes miss out on some things. Developers like to use those three little dots to indicate there is more to find, but I tend to ignore them. In Canva’s case, they even put the word “More” under the dots — and I still overlooked them. You would have thought I would have learned by now that I could be missing out on something cool, but nope! Anyway, click on those three dots when you are on your design page, and you will find so much more that you can do. For one, you can actually draw on your Canva designs now. Another thing you can do is generate a QR code within your design so you can pop it right on there. As you can see from my screenshot below, there are a bunch of other options allowing you to integrate some third-party content and even to directly import from Instagram or Google Drive. Speaking for myself, LESSON LEARNED!

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