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Let’s Talk About Twos Day

Thanks to my friend, Jenness, for reminding me that next Tuesday is a rare date! It will be 2/22/22 (for those of us in the US; some others may write it as 22/2/22), and let’s all recognize that’s not going to happen again for a very long time. I know this post is last minute, but unlike some people in Indiana who seem to think lesson plans can be set in stone before the school year even begins, good teachers know that making adjustments for current events and student needs and fun is important 😉

I thought about adding some resources to my February Wakelet, but since Twos Day isn’t actually an annual event — and probably won’t happen again in my lifetime– I decided just to put them in this blog post. Some teachers with a whole lot more forethought than me have some ideas for you, so here are a few I thought you might like:

If you see any others that would be good to include (free, particularly for 3rd and up, different than what I’ve listed so far), please comment here or e-mail me at! Also, don’t forget that you can visit that February Wakelet for Presidents Day (Feb. 21) Resources!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Twos Day”

  1. Great post, Terri! I am a student teacher in Kindergarten and the team has been trying to come up with ideas for Twos Day! I will definitely share this blog with them!

  2. This was a great post! I am a student teacher in a third grade classroom and this gave me some ideas for TWOSDAY! I just wanted ti say thank you!

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