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Genius Hour Course Bundle Now Available!

I posted my third Genius Hour course, Genius Hour: The Quest, on Friday. The course is $58, and you can earn 2 CPE credits for completion. The best deal, of course, is to sign up for the course bundle, which is all three of my courses, for $87. For that you will receive: An Introduction to Genius Hour, Genius Hour: The Quest Begins, and Genius Hour: The Quest, a total of 4 CPE credits, free templates and links to resources, and time to plan out how you would like Genius Hour to go in your classroom. This is not just for GT teachers, but certainly fits very well into pull-out programs. However, I think many teachers are concerned that Genius Hour can’t work in other contexts, and I address how GH can work in regular classrooms from K-12, or as an elective, too.

I do not like asking teachers to pay for things out of their own pockets, so there is also a link at the top of the course page for administrators, regional/area directors, and others to request information for Purchase Orders and bulk discounts. Also, if you ever want me to present “live”, don’t forget to check out my PD page, and please know that I love customizing workshops for your audience!

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