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Imaginariums for Creative Thinking from Susan Maynor

Stop what you are doing and read this post about Imaginariums for creative thinking from Susan Maynor! If you are looking for a free resource that will inspire creativity for your students, Susan Maynor (@shmaynor on Twitter) has THE absolutely perfect solution for you. You can use her Imaginariums as warm-ups, in centers, for fast-finishers, for gifted students, for ANYONE in your class — one set for each month, and all FREE!

I didn’t just stumble, but completely tripped over last week’s #AppleEDULeaderChat (Thursdays at 6-6:30 Pacific Time), and just started bookmarking everything I saw because it was all so great! I’ll share a few more links that I think you’ll like during the next week, but I had to start with this one because I could totally see using it in my classroom immediately. When I asked Susan if I could share her resource (right after I hit the “Follow” button), here was her response, “Absolutely! I created them in Apple Pages so could easily be used with iPad – but also in PDF so could be device agnostic. Each Imaginarium is packed with creative practice including everything from elaboration to original thinking to ideation to prototyping to reflection to more and then some :)” Below is an example of one of the thirty-three pages in her February Imaginarium packet.

from Susan Maynor’s February Imaginarium Pack

Quite honestly, I can’t believe these are free, and would pay for a book of these, though I am thrilled that Susan Maynor offers them for zero cents. You can see more incredible work from Susan on her LinkTree:

So, to recap: download these Imaginariums tout suite, check out the #AppleEduLeaderChat every Thursday night, and stay tuned for more nuggets I picked up from last week’s chat!

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