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How to Be a Rocket Scientist

I think I can safely say that rocket scientist was never in my radar as I considered different occupations growing up. It was never suggested to me and, quite frankly, I probably didn’t even know rocket scientists existed.  If I did, I’m pretty certain I didn’t entertain any notion of attempting that career path.


If someone had given me a few words of encouragement and Brett Hoffstadt’s book, things might have been different.


Okay – maybe remotely possibly. I’m pretty sure I would have ended up teaching no matter what.  But maybe I would be teaching rocket science.

The point is that “rocket science” sounds very intimidating, but reading this book will show you that passion for the subject plays a much bigger part than an Einsteinian I.Q.  when it comes to success.

How to Be a Rocket Scientist is easy to read, and gives great suggestions for finding mentors, resources, and even movies that will help a teenager determine if this is his or her destiny.

It’s a short read (around 51 pages) at $2.99 as an Amazon Kindle download. You can also go to the “How to Be a Rocket Scientist” website for more information.

Mr. Hoffstadt has over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry.  He also happens to be the parent of one of my 5th grade students.  But I’m not biased because of that connection.  I’m biased because I read his book and thought, “Wow, I really could be a rocket scientist if I want to some day.”

It’s nice to know I have options 😉