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Solitaire Chess Free

Solitaire Chess Free is a challenging app for iOS.  I also mentioned the boardgame that can be purchased at Mindware in my last post.  In both versions, the object of the one-player game is to capture all of the pieces on the board until there is only one left.  Every move has to result in a capture.  This is a nice way for kids to learn the appropriate moves for each of the chess pieces, and to practice thinking ahead.  There are increasing levels of difficulty, which means that students can quickly move to the level that best fits their needs.

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  1. G’Day! Engagetheirminds,
    Very interesting, You know how when you choose a new pc from Microsoft and it happens with multiple online games these kinds of as chess and Solitaire? How do you add a bit more game titles to it? I want the 100 % free ones. Where exactly do you download|acquire them?
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