Tribbs Lite

I saw Tribbs Lite reviewed on the Appitic site under Multiple Intelligences, and decided to give it a try. For students who love math, this free app for the iPad is a great brain exercise.  I am putting it in the Grades 3-12 category because, as an adult, even I found it addictive. My third graders tested it out today, and enjoyed the challenge.  Basically, you are given a target number, and have to find three numbers that will make that target number by using any of the operations.  The number choices are in a grid, and you have to choose numbers that are neighbors.  You get more points the faster and more accurately you solve the puzzle.

2 thoughts on “Tribbs Lite”

  1. Hi! I’m the developer of Tribbs (and a fellow 5th grade teacher). Thanks for the review!
    If you’d like more options (for example, only allow addition and subtraction), check out TribbsHD. It’s just like Tribbs Lite, but with, well, more options.
    For other lateral thinking apps, I’d like to plug, er, suggest Pico and Schmutz. You can see them all here:

    On a related note, I’m currently developing a game with my students. You can follow our progress at

    Thanks again,

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