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It’s a Nerd’s World

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“It’s a Nerd’s World” is a fabulous article to which many GT students will relate.  The mother/author, Miranda Gargasz, recounts a time when her son was stung by being called a “nerd” by one of his friends.  The mother’s reaction, and her son’s subsequent response to his friend, will warm your heart.  My class of GT 5th graders actually stood up and cheered at the end of the story!  I think that this is a great follow-up to the “Bias Against Creativity” article that I referenced in yesterday’s post.

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing this with your readers as well as your students. I know there are a lot of gifted kids out there that go through the same thing. Hopefully, it will help them turn a negative comment into an affirmation of their awesomeness!

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