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Brain Curls

Brain Curls is a website with a multitude of links to games that will give your brain a “workout”.  My favorite game, so far, is “Wordies Time”, in which you must guess a common phrase based on the placement of the words.  “brainFlex” is a good game for practicing your multi-tasking skills.  I’ve always enjoyed figuring out analogies, but “Analogix” is a new challenge for me with the added pressure of time.
Check all of these games out, and more, on Brain Curls.  Thanks to my fellow teacher, Kim Ball, for bringing this site to my attention!

2 thoughts on “Brain Curls”

  1. I enjoy bringing technology into my classrooms, with challenge and student choice. This will be a great website for my students to check out! Thanks for sharing….I will pass it along!

  2. there should NEVER be a timer on brain games. it adds stress to the element of challenge the gaining of new neurons can be jeapodised. should be optional says:

    Timers on games should be optional. Frustration and anxiety is also a learned condition

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