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Inspiring Note

This note, according to an Instagram user, “M”, greeted him on his first day of work at Apple.  Jon Russell recently wrote about it in his column on Next Web, which you can see here.  Mr. Russell challenges other companies to follow suit, and I would like to see teachers do this as well.  What inspiring note could you leave for your students to read the first day they enter your classroom?  I realize that it is near the end of the school year for many of us, but this could be a great idea for your “Things to Try Next Year” list!  If you have any ideas for what this note could say that would motivate and inspire our students, I would love to read your suggestions in my comment section below!

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Note”

  1. I love to inspire others. I read this last post and thought, how can I use this at the end of the school year? How can students be challenged with this? So I am having students create an “Inspiring Note” for a teacher in their building to give the last day of school. As teachers are retiring and taking new positions, it would be great to hear how students have been inspired by them. Thanks for promoting this cause….hope you enjoy my twist on it!

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