Creative Thinking

It’s Not a Box

I don’t expect a lot of people will be reading the blog this week, so I thought I would just post some of the inspiring Tweets, videos, and random pics I’ve collected recently Monday through Wednesday. Thursday will be my last Gifts for the Gifted post for 2020.

After all of the Cardboard Challenges, Mini Golf Courses, and Leprechaun Traps I’ve watched students build with boxes, I should not have been surprised by this glorious office built by Vicky Stein (@AgentRedSquirrl) with the former container of her father’s treadmill. Creativity often blooms tremendously when there are constraints, and 2020 has provided plenty of constraints. I wonder if her father has gotten as much enjoyment out of his exercise equipment as Vicky has out of the box…

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Inspiring Note

This note, according to an Instagram user, “M”, greeted him on his first day of work at Apple.  Jon Russell recently wrote about it in his column on Next Web, which you can see here.  Mr. Russell challenges other companies to follow suit, and I would like to see teachers do this as well.  What inspiring note could you leave for your students to read the first day they enter your classroom?  I realize that it is near the end of the school year for many of us, but this could be a great idea for your “Things to Try Next Year” list!  If you have any ideas for what this note could say that would motivate and inspire our students, I would love to read your suggestions in my comment section below!