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Learning Wheel

My blog posts this week are all about Universal Design for Learning.  If you missed the first three, you can click on the following for more information:  Universal Design for Learning, Variability Matters, and Planning for all Learners.

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UPDATE 3/18/2020: The interactive Learning Wheel does not seem to be online any longer.  Here is a PDF version

If you are a teacher who is interested in broadening the accessibility of your curriculum by using the concepts of Universal Design for Learning, the Learning Wheel is a great interactive that has been made available for this purpose.  It shows the three principles of UDL, which are:  Provide Multiple Means of Representation, Provide Multiple Means of Expression, and Provide Multiple Means of Engagement.  Within each principle, there are different options, and the user can click on the arrows to turn the wheel until the appropriate option shows in a pop-up window.  There, the option is explained more thoroughly, and there are links to additional examples and resources.  The Learning Wheel is a great tool for teachers who are looking for different ways to incorporate UDL into their curriculum.

For a fun video explanation of the three UDL Principles, I offer you this creative video:

(For my entire  week-long series on UDL, check out the following links:  Universal Design for LearningVariability MattersPlanning for All LearnersLearning Wheel, and Book Builder.  You can also click on the Universal Design for Learning category in my right margin or take a look at my Pinterest Boards for UDL for even more resources.)

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