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Wonder Project

image taken from Mr. Mundorf’s Wonder Project Wiki

Last week, I featured the topic of Universal Design for Learning.  You can learn more about it here.  One of the proponents of UDL, and a man who practices what he preaches, is named Jon Mundorf.  When he spoke at the UDL Institute at Harvard a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned something he does with his students called “The Wonder Project”.  His “Wonder Project” reminds me a lot of the Genius Hour idea that has been discussed on my blog several times.  Mr. Mundorf allows his students to research something which they have always wondered about (in the areas of science or social studies) several times a year.  On his site, he gives guidelines for the project, resources, and examples.  This is an excellent way to engage students in the learning process by allowing them to find out more about something that is relevant to them.

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