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Pirate Ships and M.R.I.’s

Pirate Ship M.R.I. machine by designed by Doug Dietz
image credit:  excerpt from TED talk by David Kelley

In an article by David Kelley for CNN, the founder of IDEO is disdainful of the idea that only some people are born with creativity.  “You Are the Creative Type”details Kelley’s philosophy that creativity is in each and every one of us, and we just need the confidence to allow it to bloom.  He gives the example of Doug Dietz, who designed the above M.R.I. machine for kids.  With an accompanying story about trying to stay still so “the pirates won’t find you”, this machine has helped children to combat the fear elicited by the standard machines.

Kelley’s point is that our creativity can be used so many ways.  My point is, that as teachers, we are responsible for allowing ourselves to be creative – and for giving our students the confidence they need to think creatively, too.

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