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KB…Konnected Kids

One of my favorite sites to visit to find out about new resources is KB… Konnected.  The author, Karen Bolotin, has another site that is designed to enrich “students who finish early” – KB…Konnected Kids.  This site has a wide range of interesting categories, such as “Build It!” and “Make it Move!”  I haven’t had a chance to explore the many links, but I did end up discovering another site through the “Games” button that I know I will be sharing with my Gifted and Talented students.  It’s a site called “Smart Kit”, which touts itself as “School-Safe Games and Puzzles”.  It has many cute logic games on it that I know my students will enjoy.  I want to thank Karen Bolotin, as well as the team behind Smart Kit, for providing some great educational links for our kids.

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  1. Terri…Just want to send a huge thanks to you for sharing KB…Konnected Kids with your readers (including me). I appreciate it. I’m glad you are finding some useful sites for your students. I’m always looking for new sites to add. Feel free to pass any along that your kids enjoy.:)

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