iPad As…

image from: http://edtechteacher.org/index.php/teaching-technology/mobile-technology-apps/ipad-as

This page from edtechteacher, offers a unique way to find iPad apps for your classroom.  At last count, there were 19 learning objectives listed on “iPad As…“.  Each objective is hyperlinked to a chart that offers a range of iPad apps that could service that need.  For example, the image above is the chart that appears when you click on, “I want my students to record and edit video on the iPad. ”  As you can see, the cost, usefulness, and ease-of-use are all listed in each chart.  Some of the charts also provide links to pages with ideas on how to use the apps in the classroom.    If you are tired of trying to wade through all of the “educational” apps in the iTunes store, this page is much more manageable.

For other great sites to find apps, you can also check out my post on My Favorite Sites for Educational App Reviews, or choose “Apps” from my “Categories” to see some of the apps I have reviewed on this blog.

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