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Q-bitz Extreme

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During the holiday season (yes, I know it’s a bit early, but we all know that it’s going to come fast!), I have pledged to use my Friday posts to give suggestions for gifts for your favorite brainy child (or teacher of brainy children).  I’ve decided to call this “Gifts for the Gifted”.  Last week, I posted about the new, augmented-reality-enhanced Guinness Book of World Records.  Today, I offer you the game, “Q-bitz Extreme.”

Q-bitz” happens to be one of the favorite games in my classroom.  From Kindergarten to 5th grade, my gifted students all enjoy trying to create the patterns on the cards using the 16 wooden cubes.  Some of them create their own patterns.  Yesterday, one pair of students delighted in showing me that, not only did they create a pattern on top of the cubes, but that a reverse pattern showed when they flipped them over.  Although “Q-bitz” is designed to be a game in which 2-4 players compete, most of my kids prefer to do their own thing – which is fine, because there are four sets of cubes, each set a different color.

I recently found out that there is now a “Q-bitz Extreme“, which has new, curvy patterns to try to replicate.  If you visit the website for “Q-bitz Extreme“, you will see that Mindware offers some suggestions for variations on the game, which you could also use with the original “Q-bitz“.  In addition, they sell an expansion pack.

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