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ABC Splash

In this case, “ABC” stands for “Australian Broadcasting Corporation”, and “ABC Splash” is an educational website which offers video, audio, and games to support the Australian curriculum.  However, this Beta site is open to anyone, and it has some fun activities that could easily be integrated into English-speaking classrooms around the world.  It is designed for students in primary and secondary schools, and includes: Maths, Science, English, and History.  One of the interactives that I enjoyed exploring was “World Wonders TV Show: Earthquake” in which the user organizes facts about earthquakes to create a television script.

It looks like this site will be providing a lot of resources for teachers in the future, and it also includes an informative blog.  “ABC Splash” shows a lot of great potential.

2 thoughts on “ABC Splash”

  1. You are the second person I follow who has recommended this site. It does look great! However none of the videos will play for me here in North Dakota. I get a message that the videos cannot play in my area. I tried 3 browsers, but get the same message each time. Any ideas?

    1. Well, that’s no good! I tried several of their games, but did not try to watch the videos. Now that you point it out, though, the videos do not work for me, either! I have sent a message to their customer service department, but I suspect the videos may be restricted to Australian schools for some reason. I will let you know if I hear back from them!

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