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ABC Splash

In this case, “ABC” stands for “Australian Broadcasting Corporation”, and “ABC Splash” is an educational website which offers video, audio, and games to support the Australian curriculum.  However, this Beta site is open to anyone, and it has some fun activities that could easily be integrated into English-speaking classrooms around the world.  It is designed for students in primary and secondary schools, and includes: Maths, Science, English, and History.  One of the interactives that I enjoyed exploring was “World Wonders TV Show: Earthquake” in which the user organizes facts about earthquakes to create a television script.

It looks like this site will be providing a lot of resources for teachers in the future, and it also includes an informative blog.  “ABC Splash” shows a lot of great potential.

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My Favorite Educational Technology Blogs

Many schools are out for the next two weeks, which gives teachers the opportunity to catch up on their personal lives.  Sometimes, though, teachers like to use this time for planning.

In case you have any time over the next couple of weeks to explore some other blogs, these three have been my favorite “go-to” blogs for finding new technology resources for the classroom over the last year:
#3 – iLearn Technology:  this blog by Kelly Tenkely regularly offers new ideas, and each post has a thorough explanation
#2 – Free Tech 4 Teachers: Richard Byrne is the author of this award-winning blog, which often gives several new links a day, and recommends how each tool can be applied in the education classroom
#1 – KB Connected – There are usually at least two or three resources added by Karen Bolotin per day with short descriptions, allowing me to easily scan the page for something new that I think might engage my students.