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Depth and Complexity

photo credit: dachalan via photopin cc
photo credit: dachalan via photopin cc

If you are familiar with Sandra Kaplan’s icons for Depth and Complexity, and try to use them in your classroom, you may like this treasure trove of resources from Mrs. Lee in Cajon Valley School District.  It includes Powerpoints that explain the icons, PDF’s of frames and task cards, and posters.  I really like the packet of Literature Circle Frames, created by David Chung, which has great roles for students, a rubric, and wonderful tasks using frames for each roles.  These really take the students’ comprehension to a higher level.

You can find another great tool for designing lessons with Depth and Complexity here, and you can order materials here.

Also, you can see Depth and Complexity in action at Not Just Child’s Play.

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