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Kids Web Japan

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I like to publish “fun” posts on Fridays, so today’s site, Kids Web Japan, is an oldie-but-goodie that I’ve been using with my students for about 15 years.  I had the great opportunity to travel to Japan in the year 1998 due to the wonderful generosity of the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program.  Unfortunately, that program ended in 2008.  However, I still have many artifacts that I brought home from my trip, as well as plenty of photos.  I enjoy introducing my 1st grade gifted students to the unique culture of Japan each year.  Kids Web Japan has a lot of information, and it is presented in a very “kid-friendly” way.  My students particularly enjoy the “Virtual Culture” activities.

By the way, I recently started a class blog at  If you are interested in reading about some of our current activities, including the 1st grade adventures in Japan, please feel free to visit!

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  1. I am a student teacher and your blog is an INCREDIBLE place for me to refer to to get ideas! I just recently started my own blog and would love feedback and any tips or tricks you can offer to a first year teacher!

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