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2013 Google Science Fair

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The 2013 Google Science Fair is open for entries, and its theme is, “It’s Your Turn to Change the World.”  Before you get too excited, please be aware that you must be between the ages of 13-18 in order to enter.  According to the Google Science Fair site, “This is a great opportunity for teenagers to explore ideas they’re passionate about, learn about science, and maybe produce a world-changing idea.”

Don’t despair, though, if your child/student does not meet the age requirements.  Visiting the site to see the past winners and their projects can be very inspiring.  One part of the site exhibits “Science Heroes”, such as Alexander Graham Bell and Ada Lovelace.  I think it’s great to see a good representation of women on the page.  In addition, there are downloadable posters for the Science Heroes.   I also love the video featured on the main page of the Google Science Fair site.  This video is very uplifting and motivational, and I have embedded it below.

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