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New Genius Hour Page

Two students try to figure out why their rubber-band car isn't working.
During Genius Hour, two students try to figure out why their rubber-band car isn’t working.

For almost two years, I have been implementing a “Genius Hour” with my gifted 5th graders.  I periodically post about this, but I thought it might be nice to collect all of the posts and resources on one page for reference.  You can now access this page by clicking on “Genius Hour Resources” at the top of this blog, or you can click here.

If you have never heard of Genius Hour, then you might want to start with, “What is Genius Hour?”  Another good place to start is “Designing 20% Time in Education.”

Even though I teach gifted students, many of the resources on my new page are evidence that Genius Hour can work in any classroom.  It won’t look exactly the same, but that’s the point!  As teachers, we can be innovative about how we encourage innovation in our students.  During Genius Hour, students learn how to pursue and communicate their passions – and isn’t that why we really teach?

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