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More Aurasma Ideas – Great for the End of the Year!

Vist Smarticles to find out how to trigger the Aurasma overlay on this business card!

UPDATE 5/2/2023: I just noticed people are visiting this page on my site. Unfortunately, Aurasma is no longer a working app.  For more current Augmented Reality apps, I urge you to go to this website.Mary Howard at “Your Smarticles” posted an awesome list of ways that you can use the Aurasma app in your classroom.  

For those of you new to Aurasma, I like to describe it as QR codes on steroids.  However, any image can be the trigger – not just unattractive codes.  I was impressed with Mary’s creative ideas, and I was even more impressed by the huge Aurasma Scavenger Hunt Mystery Person Silhouettes package that I downloaded from her Teachers Pay Teachers store.  It is $5.00, but so well worth it!  She has put a LOT of work into this download, and all you have to do is choose where to post the mysteries and make sure you subscribe to her Aurasma channel.  Your students will love you for giving them this fun activity at the end of the year!

You can visit one of my posts, or this post on “Thrasymakos” to learn more about using the free Aurasma app.

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